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Nov 25, 2013 7:00pm PST
a guiding star in the new kennedy steve young people with medical document on the vaulting into weapons no signal. the saudis by the way this monday reaching a twenty four hours silence with a written statement on those nuclear talks. if there is goodwill than this agreement could be an initial step towards reaching a comprehensive solution for iran's nuclear program. that lead to the removal of weapons of mass destruction especially nuclear weapons from the middle east and arab gulf reaction to that reaction possibly could on the part of the saudis but seriously why is that it's unwise to conquer. mitchell though. this though it is a couple and their realized that something is happening and don't wait to move the ball committee meeting that the form of the game to how much that is going to help. and the bin. this goes five k in the right direction because the right direction but we know for instance that back in september. present on the one to the united nations in new york. on the sidelines of it. there were talks with major oil companies. and i were dying to get into iran we know th
Nov 4, 2013 7:00pm PST
whatever you want but steve on the ground like you doing on the rump secure your position at the end you have to put troops you have to put that you get when you have to put max to have to put anxious to secure the north the minute you have to control the flow of arms which can only be up in the desert and this is a huge problem. it's not the smaller french pianist was kind of regime government is a vessel will dismiss the need had to beat you with a new pair from the us than you've had from the african as long as they can bring him. i mean we've seen how most achievements have been done. it suggests the service battalions of developing on the ground because they know the ground and in the northern desert it did a really good saunders when this whole thing and this is the one and two prepared. maybe we were too easy to most awesome awesome amazing that someone was a great depression and all said and the muscle. it sounds like um mission accomplished and with the way it is credited to mention mom you've been to afghanistan this is another i really hope not the tiny you've got an awesome m
Nov 6, 2013 7:00pm PST
on the dotted line to rwanda for steve what happened last few weeks that the next potential trap. i think they're stronger diplomatic position than they were wet and twenty three went out there and be blamed on them entirely. i think they are actually the better position right now than they were even a week ago diplomatically that it took to the eastern congo are probably not in a better position whether or not. in twenty three was protecting them in their very exposed that they don't have any clear of political or military representation. but i would to make one point but sit on the question of negotiating with the hefty all our travels. rwanda has been negotiating with them for over fifteen years and has been constantly with kate reading and re integrating them if they surrender on the military call. what they want it to be re integrated tactical keep it. opposition force in the ottawa the politically. rwanda has not agreed on and that is partly because the very top leaders are trapped accused of the one to remain. but there are of being in the genocide but there are cards that way. hundreds
Nov 7, 2013 7:00pm PST
we're in. steve earn less money than men. does he do something about it meant and meant it. tenure is not in a new hiking up the quota system has been affected women to clean countries which have employed the steepest useful crisis since i've seen and this is for naught. i mean can anyone answer he's ugly and it's true the only other monday nothing gets up freeze up to the heat and put the party's top the greatest uncertainty in the situation and the adults watched minority students. joss and always wants to do a groovy parts of the court directs the end. i don't want you to be taken from the countries of the talkies so mom and my mentor. that is what i mean just a read of tweets into it it would start it with his races and disappointed phone democracies tend to play let's response to that city the group to become oh so soon and you don't have to wait for the poet to be given to us two tickets and a chance to develop bio of the quake destroyed the crops and knew she was sentenced as caution into the prestigious units to us due to affirmative action. when told of a difference for ma
Nov 22, 2013 7:00pm PST
questions stem from the tenth of the harvey oswald steve davies off the bat to the preside. check a stick that this sin was never put on trial. the dow says they're in the majority. new polls said county to disbelief is ingrained in the human psyche. six out of ten americans believe the harvey oswald did not accidental classic menus in the effective cost and his casting and ninety. he can find them all on a website that has been cast to come the rooster is a theme developing here. using as our headline acts at this national maritime tried doing gemini urging russia to release the greenpeace ship and fifty people were arrested in september up to protest against martian arctic oil drilling in anwar on a website. we are sleeping and unite us happy colorful below this week has been overcome in order to release them goes down thanks for that to be a sharpie in the newsroom. it's time for the world this week seven days corp has his correspondence with one down with a screen that he supports an inflammatory said very well known to eat also it is annotated out of the french daily newspaper is ind
Nov 26, 2013 7:00pm PST
the new pact with the terms improves our turn to so steve bowman here on the party continues even after the bargains than it does and i think that anything that say in any pain has been playing both sides against the middle. for quite awhile since yanukovich became president tom and i think that. he said sixty eight he succeeded in no way now to get and money from russia the day that the european union is ready to nine continues speaking on the kazaa the end of the day if ukraine is suffering because of russia to cut cut outs exploits. heidi seasonally the european union to try to make a difference and i mean if he'd been unanimous in july. this is said you know the lame lyrics person. and secondly from the ukraine and perhaps even an occurrence have. and i see it coming out like a battered by if you know who keep getting beat up. exports was stopped at the senate and as we just stared at me in the eight billion dollars at the end of the year. and so the engine crews i'm standing up when they're feeling relieved and back into the arms of fashion exceed the limit this post so at any of t
Nov 12, 2013 7:00pm PST
at a shop at me and molding south africa at the sydney steve people were killed three injured. this engine has bagged the dolls targets in the money pouring still a pawn shop fixing and rory next and see the east gate and was not yet clear what caused it. the sim card is will they eat at three in the states. imagine see it expires this anti state that's two days and even expected. the confusion came from the fact that won the state of emergency began on august the fourteenth. it was her new tutu months to september tiles. this also means that no more night time cash the government says it's waiting for the court's decision. watson. indeed it is the west country in the arab world to be a woman that's according to a pole or to gender expats by the thomson reuters foundation three is off the air spraying it is a snapshot of the state of women's rights in twenty two arab states on cd in foreign editor brought up on since high school. egypt is such an important country in the ire of local food community of the pr both. and you just cannot overstate its importance. get the picture that it is alm
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7